Creami Review

Review of “Ninja CreamI COOKBOOK” by Author: JOYCE S. CROSS




My review was based on the Kindle ebook versions, although a paperback version was also available for sale.  I found a wide variety of straight forward, “How-to” recipes for the Ninja Creami in this book. First of all, I downloaded this to two of my Kindle devices, my Kindle Paperweight (10th Edition) and also my desktop PC version running Windows 10, and downloaded the book from Amazon

Things I liked
Recipes were divided into logical chapters, the first chapter describes basic operation and an overview of the Ninja Creami hardware and operations. The other 8 chapters provides a bunch of recipes in these categories:
Awesome Shakes, Ice Creams, Gelato, Sorbet, Smoothies & Shakes, More Milkshakes and Lite Ice Cream, Smoothie Bowls, and Mix-ins.

One feature I really like is that all the recipes are presented in a consistent manner and include: Prep Time, Serving size, Freeze time (very important for a product like the Ninja Creami), a List of Ingredients, list of Toppings (if needed), and the method or instruction of how to do it.

Things I did not like
The Index (Appendix 2) would be a bit more useful to readers of the Kindle edition if it were hyperlinked, although the Chapter hyperlinks do work well, and this would not be a problem for the print edition.

But all in all, this book seems to be well worth it, at least it did for me.



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