McCafe Breakfast Blend Coffee

Product Review: McCafe Breakfast Blend Coffee

For the last several years, I have been drinking Publix Brand Breakfast Blend coffee, but about 10 days ago, I ran out, so I went to Publix to buy some more. I generally buy the 30 oz. can, but I was surprised that the $7-8 can I was used to buying, was now going to cost me about $14!  Yes, it had been a while since I had last purchased coffee, and I am of course aware of this inflation thing going on currently but this caused me to start looking at other Breakfast blend choices. I ended up locating a 30oz. can of McCafe Breakfast blend coffee, for about $2.50 less per 30 oz. can, so I decided to try it (knowing that I have often like drinking McDonald’s coffee on multiple occasions in the last several years).  I have to admit, I am not one of those who like the Starbucks experience, and actually get confused in trying to just order a coffee there.  I just like coffee in the morning, and only drink at most two cups.  Not every day, but several times a week.  When I purchase coffee outside the home, generally like to purchase McDonalds, or at donut places like Duncans, although I have to admit that when I worked temporarily in northern California several years ago, I did enjoy buying coffee at Dutch Bros very much.

So I purchased the McCafe breakfast Blend Coffee, and after brewing several morning pots of coffee since then, I am happy to report it tasted very smooth, and I am enjoying the McCafe Breakfast blend very much. I may even stay with it versus the Publix Breakfast Blend, for future purchases over the Publix brand I had been purchasing over the last several years.

McCafe Breakfast Blend Coffee is available at many grocery stores nationwide, or via Amazon at a similar price.

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