Crypto Currency Day Trading Test – Trades 3-6

Ok here is my update on this little Crypto Currency trading test.  Basically my objective with this test is to either lose this $50 in Crypto Currency, OR double it.  So far nothing but gains, but I still am not a long term believer in Crypto currency, but OK to trade it with short term trades so I am willing to be proved wrong…

So with trade#3, I purchased $52.32 worth of Ethereum (ETH) currency when the charts looked like it may go up, and as you can see from my table below, I was able to sell it for a profit of 2.9% so the new USD$ equivalent was $53.83.   This trade took only a little less than 2 hours, which is what i am trying to do.

My next two trades I went back to LiteCoin (LTC), and was rewarded with gains of 1.9% and 1.6%, although was disappointed that trade 4 took about 1.5 days which is way beyond what I was hoping for, while trade 5 took about 8 hours.   So for trade 6, I went back to Ethereum (ETH) on 5/14 and had a gain of of 1.53% for a 3 hour trade.  All in all, my net test to date gain after trade 6, was a gain of 13.4% gain, which is not too bad for about 10 days.

Later that day on 5/14 I decided I had neglected Bitcoin(BTC) for long enough, and invested my $57.25 in BTC.  I think my timing was a bit off as Bitcoin has not cooperated yet with a gain.  As we speak, I have a “paper” loss of around $2.00 but I have hope to at least escape with a small gain in the next day or so.  We shall see, I will post it in a future update.


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